Join Us for a Designate Day Near You!

Do you miss the chance to share your opinions and knowledge about customs problems with something – someone -  other than a computer? Well, the CSCB’s Designate Day is meant for you! Apart from the opportunity to network with friends and make new friends who share your passion for HS classification, valuation and origin, Designate Day will feature three hours of case studies. You'll also increase your chances of winning the trip to the CSCB National Conference in Whistler!

If you’ve never been to a Designate Day, here is what you can expect. Participants will be divided into small groups which are presented with the same case study and asked to come up with the tariff classification, value for duty, or origin of specific items. You’ll be provided with all the reference material you need, and when time is called, each group will report what they have agreed upon as the correct solution. Does each group agree on a single answer?  Never!  Is there lots of friendly rivalry?  Always!  Are there CSCB experts in the room who will explain why the right answer is, well, the right answer? Yes, indeed.

So, case studies are all about learning, sharing, communicating, and networking in a room full of fun and laughter.

  • 2019 Designate Day (Toronto), April 6, 2019

  • 2019 Designate Day (Montreal), April 27, 2019, Register

  • 2019 Designate Day (Vancouver), May 11, 2019, Register

  • 2019 Designate Day (Winnipeg), June 1, 2019, Register

  • 2019 Designate Day (Calgary), June 2, 2019, Register