Apv Canada Inc et al v MNR [2001] CTR 3709

July 17, 2001

17 July 2001

Apv Canada Inc et al v MNR [2001] CTR 3709

[Customs Tariff (pre-1998): 75;
CT - Schedule VI (pre-1998): Category 8481]


Motion for an order extending the time for commencing an application for judicial review in respect of approximately 1,500 decisions and consolidating the judicial review of those decisions, if leave is granted, into one application. At issue is the operation of the List of Tariff-Free Machinery and Equipment, promulgated by the Minister of National Revenue pursuant to section 75 of the Customs Tariff Act, as it read in July 1990. Motion dismissed, and request for an order consolidating the applications adjourned sine die.

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