Canadian Chamber Roundtable: Future of Canada-China Trade Relations

June 12, 2019

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is initiating a conversation with businesses in all sectors to hear directly from them about their views on doing business in China. The Chinese market presents substantial opportunities for Canadian businesses looking to tap into the world’s largest population and second-largest economy. However, the market also poses challenges for Canadian companies in areas such as intellectual property protection, the regulatory environment and industrial subsidies.
As our second-largest trading partner, it is vital to both navigate the ongoing situation as well as position ourselves to tackle the long-term challenges and opportunities. These roundtables will present a forum for participants to discuss a number of key issues:

  • What are the tariff, regulatory, investment and procurement barriers facing Canadian companies doing business in China? 
  • How can the federal government best support Canadian businesses in the Chinese market?
  • What is the impact of ongoing U.S.-China trade discussions on Canadian business interests?

These meetings are being held in three cities. If any of our members attend, we ask you to let us know what issues were being discussed. Please sends us an email at

Vancouver | June 19 | Click here to register
Calgary | June 20 | Click here to register
Toronto | June 24 | Click here to register

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