CSCB Webinar: Peter Kirby talks about his win in Frito-Lay vs CBSA case!

January 21, 2013

The recent decision of the CITT in Frito-Lay Canada Inc. v. President of the Canada Border Services Agency is significant for all Canadian importers and customs brokers. It provides relief in those reasonably common situations where importers don’t claim NAFTA when goods are duty free under MFN, only to discover that the goods are dutiable when properly classified although eligible for a NAFTA rate of duty. Before the Frito-Lay decision, CBSA forced importers in that position to correct the classification for the previous four years, but only allowed NAFTA claims for the previous one – leaving the importer to pay three years of retroactive duty.

The Tribunal’s decision on the scope and impact of section 32.2 corrections raises interesting possibilities for importers who have discovered similar errors, or when those errors are discovered by CBSA in an audit.

Peter Kirby, the Montreal lawyer who led this fight for over five years from the first instructions to the customs broker to the Tribunal’s decision, will provide first-hand background on the details of the fight and the lessons that can be learned, both from the CBSA process and from the Tribunal’s decision.

This webinar is taking place this Thursday, January 24th at 2 pm EST, and will be up to 90 minutes long. Register today and don’t miss this great opportunity to ask questions on this timely case! Please prepare your questions in advance as questions will be submitted in writing during the webinar. The CSCB received a copy of the CITT decision, which is available on our website at:

All registered participants will obtain 5 CCS professional development points and 5 CTCS professional development credits, if applicable.

This is the first of the CSCB webinar series. You won't want to miss it!

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