Customs Trade Verification Manual

December 17, 2007

17 December 2007

Customs Trade Verification Manual

The CBSA has provided the CSCB with a copy of the latest version of their Trade Verification Manual. This is available on our website at:

The manual has been updated to replace the word "Customs" with either CBSA, trade or import and export documentation. Other changes in the document have been highlighted.

The CSCB was pleased to note that additional wording, suggested by the CSCB, has been added to Section 3.5, Exhibit Q, Item 5. The following has been added to this section as a note to the verification officer when performing an audit on classification: Note: Where the tariff classification declared is incorrect, identify the impact on the tariff treatment claim. Advise the importer that it may be to their benefit that a Certificate of Origin be obtained so that a more favourable rate of duty is paid.

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