D8-1-4 Temporary Admission Permit Form E29B

November 7, 2005

7 November 2005

D8-1-4 Temporary Admission Permit Form E29B

This memorandum has been entirely rewritten. The most significant change in the administrative procedures related to Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit, is the introduction of an electronic version. This form is found on the CBSA web site, at


The electronic version must, however, be presented in hard copy. If it is not completed by hand, it may be printed on 8 ½” x 11” paper.

This memorandum also clarifies what documentation constitutes an acceptable alternate proof of export when the Form E29B is not acquitted at the time the goods are exported. The documentation listed in paragraph 60 of D8-1-4 supersedes the documentation listed as acceptable in Appendix A of D20-1-4, Proof of Export, Canadian Ownership and Destruction of Commercial Goods dated 4 July 1994, related to D8-1-1, D8-1-12, D8-2-7, D8-1-2, D8-1-3, D8-2-11, D8-1-6, D8-1-4 and D18-1-7.

This memorandum is found on the CBSA web site, at


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