Form A48, RMD Corrector

July 20, 2009

20 July 2009


Form A48, RMD Corrector


As a result of concerns raised regarding the inconsistent procedures applied by customs offices in the use of Form A48, RMD Corrector, CBSA has reviewed its policy surrounding the use and processing of this form.


The CSCB's NCOI (National Committee on Operational Issues) has been advocating a review of this process for quite some time, and we are pleased to see that CBSA is taking action.


CBSA's goal is to have consistency in how correction requests are handled, while at the same time ensuring that clients who are using the RMD Corrector process as a means of facilitating release of their goods will be subject to more stringent verification.


Two things to keep mind when requesting a change to the transaction number are:


- the original release date will be used as the date of release for the "corrected" transaction; and

- the A48 must be signed by both customs broker managers and be accompanied by a paper RMD or B3 "C" type entry. The requirement for the paper RMD or B3 is to ensure that CBSA has a record of the release on file, since the original release will be cancelled.


Last, CBSA have confirmed that they will not refuse to process any A48's, as long as the request is accompanied by the proper documents.


The revised policy is attached, for review and comment by CSCB members. Comments must be sent by Monday, August 10, to the CSCB at  As well, CBSA has asked for comments on whether or not it would be helpful to use this form to notify them of a port code change.

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