Government Introduces Legislation to Temporarily Remove the Two-Year Prohibition against Imposing Additional Rounds of Safeguard Measures on the Same Steel Products

June 5, 2019

... [On June 3, 2019] the Government introduced a Notice of Ways and Means Motion that would temporarily amend the Customs Tariff to remove the two-year moratorium on the imposition of safeguard measures on imports previously subject to safeguards. These amendments would give the Government the flexibility needed to stabilize Canada's steel market and further protect Canadian steel workers and producers from global instability and the harmful effects of potential surges in imports.

As announced on April 26, 2019, the Government is also working with Canadian workers and industry leaders on actions that could further protect sectors like steel from unfair trade.

This is excerpted from a 3 June 2019 news release by Department of Finance Canada.

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