June 4, 2019

CBSA has advised that in some cases duplicate LCPO (licences, certificates, permits, other) images are submitted when the LPCO relates to more than one commodity line in the SWI IID submission.  This is not necessary. 

If an LPCO applies to all commodities in the shipment, the LPCO/URN (Unique Reference Number) can be entered at the declaration level only. There is no need to duplicate the image on each commodity line.

If more than one LPCO applies to the same shipment, submit the LPCO for the first commodity and apply the same URN to each additional commodity to which the LCPO relates. You do not need to send the image again.

As an example, assume there are two LPCOs, the first which applies to 10 commodities and the 2nd LPCO applies to 5. Submit the 1st LPCO and apply the same URN to the other 9 commodity lines, then submit the 2nd LPCO and apply the URN to the remaining 4 commodity lines.

Questions can be sent to Michelle Criger at the CSCB.

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