Message from CBSA re: NYK Nebula

January 2, 2019
The following message is from CBSA in British Columbia.
Ocean Network Express (ONE), the vessel operator for the NYK Nebula, voyage 62, has advised CBSA that she has skipped Fraser Surrey Docks as a port of call. 
Regrettably, an electronic arrival was transmitted to CBSA systems; therefore you will have received RNS messages for cargo that is NOT currently on the docks. Brokers that transmitted RMD release requests based on the ETA of the vessel will also have received RNSs.
I’m happy to discuss options that brokers would like to take, RMD cancellations, or alternatively, we can retransmit RNS messages, upon request, when the cargo discharges at FSD off the MV MOL Experience, scheduled to occur on January 7, 2019.  At this time we expect the CCNs to remain the same. Remanifests that have already been processed by the 809 Metro Vancouver Longroom are still valid, and can “wait” for the MV MOL Experience to discharge next week.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sheri Buswell at or 604-666-2215. All RNS retransmission requests and any RMD corrections are to be sent to port 809 via fax, to 604-666-5237.

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