Message from CN regarding Ebusiness Enhancements

April 12, 2005

12 April 2005

Message from CN regarding Ebusiness Enhancements

The following message is from CN’s Customer Support Centre in Winnipeg.

… [T]wo exciting significant changes took place on the CN website for ebusiness partners that use our tools to determine Intermodal shipment information.

Enhancements have been made that allow the ETA format in "Quicktrace" to be more user friendly to read and also to include estimated time to pad placement . This is especially helpful in locations where the arrival time and pad time availability may be hours apart. When the unit shows a status arrived at destination, check the ETA for the projected plan to bring to pad and available to deramp or pickup.

In addition, for parties that formerly used "Quicktrace"- "Intermodal Hold Status" format to determine availability for pickup of Impex containers, we have a new improved version. In the "Intermodal Shipment Status" query, for import shipments, you can determine status of your shipment including whether it has cleared customs, or any other holds. It will also give information on the first day of storage starting if shipment has grounded. If storage is owing, you can determine the amount owing and if you are a credit customer in good standing you now have the ability to link to directly send CN the Storage payment guarantee. You will be able to confirm the amount owing drop to $0 balance once the total amount outstanding has been guaranteed and your shipment is available to pickup!

For this new access, look under the heading - Pick Up and Delivery: Click the "Intermodal Shipment Status" .

Enter in container number and submit.

Once you have confirmed storage amount and if you wish to Guarantee storage using this tool, select the storage guarantee feature which is the last icon on the right hand side, denoted by $ Customers will be able to enter in a dollar amount or will be able to enter in storage up to and including a certain date. Amounts will be based on terminal increments set out in tariff 7589 which is also linked to this query.

Further information is shown below. As always, our ebusiness tools are only available to companies who meet requirements to register for ebusiness with CN, including having a direct business relationship and a valid company email address.


Can I pick up my unit from CN's Terminal?

Effective Monday April 11, a new enhancement to the CN website will tell you, before you drive to the terminal, if the unit you are picking up will be available when you get there. In *My Shipments, Quick Trace, and *Intermodal Direct tools, you can check the status of your unit whether it is in transit or at the destination terminal. First look to the current status, then confirm ETA information.

*My Shipments and *Intermodal Direct ebusiness tools are only available to Shipper/Consignee parties named to the waybill.

When the unit is in transit

If the ETA shows "Arrived", it means the available time has not been determined yet. Please check back periodically

If the ETA shows "Deramped", it means the unit should be available for pick-up at the future date and time indicated.

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