A Message from the CSCB President: Thanks for another memorable conference!

September 24, 2014

Carol West

This year, we were fortunate to have six CSCB staff attend the annual conference in St. John’s. I always see this as the culmination of months of work on the social and business programs we deliver to all attendees, and also as a unique opportunity for staff to listen and learn.

Preliminary feedback from our conference delegates confirms that over 90% of delegates thought the conference was excellent or good. And feedback from our staff, below, highlights themes of people, community and collaboration, the common threads which form the fabric of truly successful associations. To all members, designates and others who support our work and who were able to join us in St. John’s, thanks for another memorable conference. 




Janice McBride

As I prepare speakers for our national conference, I always tell them a little bit about both the CSCB itself and about those individuals who attend our conferences. One of the things that speakers always question me about is my contention that despite the very competitive and diverse market nature of customs brokerage in Canada, the individuals who represent those businesses are highly collegial and collaborative with one another. This makes for conference experiences that create opportunities for both professional and personal development. I sense that our guest speakers are often skeptical about this seemingly incompatible set of characteristics but once they’ve been to our conference, they understand exactly what I mean. Regardless of whether someone is a conference delegate or a conference speaker, CSCB members willingly share their knowledge and experience with one another. This year’s conference exemplified the best of the generosity that is at the heart of CSCB membership.


Michelle Criger

As usual, what I enjoy most about the conference is meeting, or re-meeting, our members. Since most correspondence is by email or phone, it’s always nice to put a face to voice or name. And, in the case of CTCS students who I have monitored by videocam while writing an exam, a voice to a face!








Anita Chamoun

As great as the professional portion of a conference can be, a conference cannot be a successful one without a great group of people – and that is exactly what our CSCB members and partners are.

Since having started working for the CSCB in 2012, and having the opportunity to attend two national conferences and a few regionals, I have had the privilege of meeting some very incredible, welcoming and kind people. I quickly saw how this group of people from all over the country, who are “competitors”, connected so well, both on a professional and personal level.  

I believe this year’s conference was an extremely positive experience for our delegates. Although I am still learning when it comes to issues concerning the customs brokerage industry, it was very apparent to me that delegates were taking away from some very unique and valuable presentations. I certainly hope this conference was as beneficial for you as we had hoped it would be!





Janice Bradley-Guilemot

The conference puts the most relevant customs issues on the front burner, and the benefit of being there is to learn what those issues are, and to see how each part of the customs community views those issues.

In a greater sense, the conference permits us to see what the customs community looks like when we all get together. It is unfortunate that some of our members have missed being there.







Karen Doiron

I had never before described an early morning jog as "absolutely glorious" but that was because I had never been fortunate enough to be in Quidi Vidi Village on a calm, crisp day shortly after sunrise. I was pleased to be part of the CSCB team that travelled to St. John's for the conference. It was a satisfying experience to do my part, often behind the scenes, to help ensure that the conference ran smoothly and that those in attendance had an enjoyable time. The legendary hospitality of Newfoundlanders certainly did not disappoint but what made the conference special for me was the wonderful people in attendance.





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