Notice to Importers - Steel General Import Permits No. 80 and 81 – Carbon and Specialty Steel Products

August 26, 2019

Purpose, Coverage and Duration

1.1 The purpose of this Notice is to inform importers of amendments to the steel import monitoring program. A reporting and record keeping requirement has been added as a term and condition to the General Import Permits (GIPs) No. 80 and 81 for importing certain steel goods that are listed in items 80 and 81 of the Import Control List (ICL).

1.2 The steel import monitoring program, covering items 80 (Carbon Steel) and 81 (Specialty Steel) of the ICL, runs until November 1, 2020.

1.3 Carbon steel products (ICL item 80) include semi-finished products (ingots, blooms, billets, slabs and sheet bars), plate, sheets and strip, wire rods, wire and wire products, railway-type products, bars, structural shapes and units, pipes and tubes made of carbon steel. These items are covered by Harmonized System (HS) headings 7206-7229.

1.4 Specialty steel products (ICL item 81) include stainless steel flat-rolled products (sheet, strip and plate), stainless steel bar, stainless steel pipe and tube, stainless steel wire and wire products, alloy tool steel, mold steel and high-speed steel. These items are covered by HS headings 7301-7302, 7304-7306, 7308, 7312-7313 and 7317.

1.5 The steel import monitoring program does not limit the quantity of carbon and specialty steel products that may be imported into Canada.

1.6 The use of GIP Nos. 80 and 81 now includes certain reporting requirements on importers, if requested by Global Affairs Canada. The purpose of these obligations is to facilitate the collection of import data, by requiring importers to provide, upon request, documents and records for the purpose of identifying any errors in import data and determining the source of any inconsistencies in a targeted manner.

1.7 This Notice applies to all steel goods imported under the authority of GIPs No. 80 and 81.

1.8 This Notice supersedes previous notices to importers concerning the steel import monitoring program and should be read in conjunction with the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) and the EIPA Regulations.

1.9 This Notice will remain in effect, unless superseded by a further Notice or otherwise repealed.

This Notice is available in its entirety from Global Affairs Canada.

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