Ratification of new NAFTA in 2019 looking unlikely amid trade tensions

April 9, 2019

Electoral politics, metals tariffs holding up Canada-U.S.-Mexico trade deal

More than six months after the United States, Mexico and Canada agreed on a new deal to govern more than $1 trillion in regional trade, the chances of the countries ratifying the pact this year are receding.

The three countries struck the Canada-United States-Mexico agreement (CUSMA, called the USMCA by the U.S.) on Sept. 30, ending a year of difficult negotiations after U.S. President Donald Trump demanded the preceding trade pact be renegotiated or scrapped.

But the deal has not ended trade tensions in North America. If ratification is delayed much longer, it could become hostage to electoral politics...

This was excerpted from the 8 April 2019 edition of CBC News.

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