Schedule VII Goes On-Line with a new Temporary Vehicle Importation System (TVIS)

July 19, 2012

Although this notice was effective July 12, 2012, the CSCB only received notification of it this morning.

Schedule VII applications can now be submitted on-line at and processed within 7 working days.

All requests submitted directly to a Transport Canada employee (???? or to the general mailbox must be redirected to

All requests submitted by email or facsimile may take up to 6 WEEKS to process.


STEP 1 – How to Register

Visit and click on the “Register to TVIS” link. Complete the user profile and click on “REGISTER”.

STEP 2 – Confirmation of Registration

A confirmation of registration will be emailed to you, along with your username and temporary password (password must be changed within seven (7) days).

STEP 3 – Submit an Application On-line

Once registered, you are now ready to “LOGIN” and submit a Schedule VII application on line. Simply enter the mandatory (or optional) information in the fields provided, and click on the “NEXT” button to complete your application. Click on the “SUBMIT” button once you have uploaded your file for approval.**

**Scanner required to upload file

Application Receipt and Approval

An automated confirmation of receipt with a file tracking number will be emailed to you once your Schedule VII application has been received. Please allow up to seven (7) working days to process. If approved, a stamped Schedule VII with expiration date will be returned to you. Should your application be rejected, an explanation will follow.



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