Trump signals new interest in joining TPP as U.S. scales back key NAFTA demand on auto

April 13, 2018

In a pair of dramatic moves, the Trump administration has signalled a growing desire to secure new trade deals — softening one key demand in the NAFTA negotiations, then expressing an interest in re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The twin developments are a departure from the combative posture that had stoked U.S. tensions with Canada, Mexico, the European Union, Japan and even with the United States' own struggling farmers, straining under threats of cancelled deals, tariffs, and tit-for-tat trade wars.

The development most immediately affecting Canada transpired at the NAFTA negotiating table where, sources say, the U.S. has shaved 10 percentage points off its demand on automobile content. After spending months demanding a big increase in the amount of content cars must include from North America to avoid a tariff, in addition to insisting that half of every car comprise U.S. parts, it has now softened both proposals...

This has been excerpted from the 12 April 2018 edition of CBC News.

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