US Customs Service Finds Surprises in Compliance..

April 15, 1999

15 April 1999

US Customs Service Finds Surprises in Compliance Survey

The following is excerpted from "The Journal of Commerce" issue of 14 April 1999.

The US Customs Service has recently released a report entitled "Trade Compliance Measurement Report" that looks at which nations came closest to full compliance with American Customs requirements, and which countries are most consistently in violation.

The Compliance Measurement Report also presents a study of which products are likely to be in compliance. The report notes that for fiscal year 1998, incoming cargos complied with all regulations 81 per cent of the time on verage.

Classification of cargo presented the biggest single problem, affecting 12 per cent of shipments. Marking was the second-worst offender, but affected only 3 per cent of imports to the US.

Mexico delivered cargo that met compliance rules 88 per cent of the time, well ahead of the national average. Compliance of goods originating in Canada, however, was approximately 74 per cent, seven per cent lower than overall compliance on all import transactions. "Canada is one of the least-compliant countries of origin among the United States' major trade partners", according to the study.

Behind Canada came Great Britain and Taiwan. Thailand and Malaysia, both of which scored in the high 80's, were very compliant.

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