[US] Decal and Transponder Online Procurement...

December 15, 2008

15 December 2008

[US] Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS)

The following is excerpted from the 12 December 2008 news release by CBP.

The purpose of this notice is to … advise all interested trade partners of the new procedures that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is using in the issuance of user fee decals and transponders, and to remind the trade of the need to submit annual fee renewal applications prior to December 26, 2008 to reasonably expect to receive the new transponders by January 1, 2009 (for applications via credit card).

The Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS) project has been created as a CBP public-facing website available for user fee decal and transponder transactions beginning on November 17, 2008. It mirrors the main functionality of the previous decal and transponder payment system, TradeLinks, a public Internet site... It also includes some enhancements requested by the U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Revenue Division in Indianapolis, IN, which is the group that works most closely with the users.

With DTOPS, public users with a Web browser and Internet access can purchase, renew, and transfer user fees for the transponder(s) for their vehicle(s) and can purchase and renew user fees for the decal(s) for their aircraft(s) or vessel(s). DTOPS also gives the public users the ability to update their conveyances, company accounts, registered owners, and user access. Using DTOPS, owners can also order a free replacement transponder; perform a user fee transfer for a vehicle, update vehicle information, and pay for the current and following year’s renewal fee(s) within a specific timeframe.

Based on the level of activity from November 17 – December 2, 2008, the number of renewal applications submitted to CBP is approximately 21% of the overall universe of transponders issued for 2008. To ensure that your transponders are received prior to January 1, 2009, CBP recommends that you submit your electronic application through DTOPS no later than December 26, 2008. Additionally, CBP recommends that you separate applications by placing all renewals under a single application and any new, transfer, or change requests in another application. Also, please be advised that applications paid by credit card offer the fastest turnaround as they result in next day shipping of the transponders.

Please note that a failure to apply for and receive the new transponders could inadvertently result in delays in the clearance of conveyances if the master, pilot or operator is unable to produce evidence that an annual fee has been paid.

Although CBP is capable of processing paper applications, the most efficient means to renew and pay the annual fee is via DTOPS (https://dtops.cbp.dhs.gov/). All paper applications must be submitted to the following address for fulfillment:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Attn: DTOPS Program Administrator
6650 Telecom Drive Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278
Correspondence sent via facsimile must be sent to (317) 290-3219.

CBP will work diligently to ensure that all applications submitted prior to December 31, 2008 are processed expeditiously and transponders are distributed as soon as payment is confirmed. In the event that a significant number of applicants do not receive either the new transponders or receipts that can be presented to CBP officers by January 1, 2009, CBP is exploring contingency plans to mitigate the adverse impact on the carriers and CBP ports of entry.

The DTOPS user guide http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/pleasure_boats/user_fee/.

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