What a great day April 6th 2019 was!

April 15, 2019

On April 6th 2019, the CSCB held its second Designate Day in Toronto with 162 CCS and CTCS designates registered for the event. Our designate community includes those from CSCB member and preferred business client as well as importers and exporters. While most were located around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), many travelled two to three hours to attend.   

In addition to a presentation on CBSA’s compliance activities, Carol West provided a preview of the results of a survey of employees in the customs & trade environment and spoke of our designate community. The HS, origin and valuation case studies are always the highlight of the day, with enthusiastic participation. Designates also had plenty of opportunity to network, make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Here is what a few participants said about the day:

“Amazing Day!”

“Great opportunity to learn and share opinions in a friendly environment, meet new people and network with present and past colleagues. Thank you CSCB for allowing designates to come together and enjoy a day where it's all about us… Looking forward to the next one.”

“Lots of fun!”

“It's worth every penny and strongly welcome more of such events”

The next CSCB Designate Day is in Montreal on Saturday, April 27, followed by Vancouver on Saturday, May 11, Winnipeg on Saturday, June 1, and Calgary on Sunday, June 2.

Designate Day registration is open for all of these locations. Don’t delay, reserve your spot today!

Designates earned 10 CCS/CTCS points/credits for attending Designate Day in Toronto and are now one step closer to being eligible for the draw to attend the CSCB National Conference in Whistler, BC.

There are two pools from which we will make the draw – this means that two designates will have the opportunity to attend the Whistler conference:

Pool 1: All 2019 Designate Day attendees who obtain 20 CCS points or 10 CTCS credits by July 15, 2019 AND register for the draw.

Pool 2: All CCS and CTCS designates who obtain 20 CCS points or 10 CTCS credits by July 15, 2019 AND register for the draw.

Double your chances, and your fun – register for Designate Day!

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