Who's speaking at the ON/TO regional conference?

June 4, 2019

We are pleased to announce the speakers at the 2019 CSCB Ontario/Toronto Regional Conference!

Lisa Anawati, CBSA, Vice President, CARM, and Kerri-Anne Whittaker, CBSA, A/Manager, CARM Change Enablement will join us for the CARM presentation in the morning of June 12.

Our own Janice McBride and Melanie Bedard will lead a CARM workshop where you'll have an opportunity to express your opinions and concerns on CBSA-proposed solutions on financial security, billing cycles, offsetting and payment allocation, accounting, and more!

And in the afternoon, the CBSA Regional panel will provide an overview of regional initiatives. The speakers are: Jeanie Chow, Director, Trade Operations Division; Simone Haughton, Assistant Director, Trade Operations Division; Deepa Jani, A/Assistant Director, Trade Operations Division; Bryan Sherman, Manager, Regional Programs.

Don't miss this great opportunity to hear and be heard!

Register today and attend on June 11-12 in Hamilton! Registration closes on June 6!

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