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Customs Broker/Importer
Port of Entry Code Primary Phone Number Alternate Phone Number Primary Email Alternate Email Ask for Website
Cole International Inc. 504, 510 (204) 944-9200 Jey Sanmuganathan Link
Cole International Inc. 602 (306) 927-5100 Link
Cole International Inc. 604, 605 (306) 522-2061 Kendra Roherty Link
Cole International Inc. 813 (604) 538-1512 Suzanne Outhwaite Link
Cole International Inc. 009 (902) 429-2321 Lynda Farnell Link
Courtney Agencies Ltd. ALL (604) 684-7505 TRAFFIC@COURTNEY.CA Link
Crane Worldwide Logistics Canada Inc. All (604) 231-9896 Link
CrossBorder Solutions Inc. 402 (877) 222-7009 (613) 403-3682 Link
Custom Services International ALL (519) 250-0555 (519) 969-0648 Link
David Kirsch Customs Brokers Inc. (formerly Viacan) ALL (514) 636-0233 (514) 265-0315 Emilio Orsini n/a