Conference Call on New Procedures at Ambassador...

March 30, 2007
30 March 2007
Conference Call on New Procedures at Ambassador Bridge 
Over 25 CSCB members participated in a conference call with CBSA regarding the new procedures at the Ambassador Bridge. Among the issues discussed were the exemptions lead sheet and failed PARS. CFIA issues were discussed during the call, and the CSCB had a subsequent call with CFIA to discuss these issues. As a result, new CFIA processes for importations of meat and for goods requiring a phytosanitary certificate were distributed to members on 29 March.
A summary of the call with CBSA is available on our web site, at:
Members with questions concerning either CBSA or CFIA new procedures can send their questions to the CSCB at

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Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
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