Academic Policy, Conditions and Fees


There are no academic or experience pre-requisites for enrolment in the CSCB Introduction to Canadian Customs and Border Procedures course. Enrolment is open to all and may take place at any time.

Tuition Fees

The following is a fee schedule for the Introduction to Canadian Customs and Border Procedures course.

NOTE: As of January 1, 2019 this course is taxable.
Student type FEE (ALL PRICES IN CDN$)
Employees of Member Firms, CBSA/OGD, and Individuals Sponsored by Member Firms $325.00
Employees of Preferred Business Clients $487.50
Others $650.00

There will be a CDN $35 fee for NSF cheques.

Course Material

Access to online course materials will be provided upon completion of electronic application and processing of payment. Access to each module is provided for 180 days from the date the student gains access to the course materials.

Final Examination

Each student enrolled in the course must submit their final examination online within 180 days of starting the course. The Request for Examination form must be submitted to the CSCB at least two weeks prior to the exam date. The final examination takes place online and is open-book. Instructions regarding how to access the examination will be provided to the person identified as your exam supervisor. The exam supervisor can be your supervisor at work, your manager, a senior staff person, or a co-worker or other responsible adult over 18 years of age. The supervisor must be in attendance the entire time that you are completing the online examination.

A mark of 65% or greater on the final examination is required to pass. Results will be made available to students within a two week time frame. Completed examinations will not be returned to the student.

Should a student be unsuccessful, the exam may be retaken once for a fee of CDN$40. A student must register, provide payment and book a date for the second exam within 3 weeks of receiving results of the first exam.


If a student fails a second attempt at the final examination, they may re-enrol in the course. If re-enrolment takes place within two weeks of being advised of the results of the second exam, tuition will be one-half the posted amount. For students who re-enroll at a reduced cost, there will be only one opportunity to write the final examination. If the student is unsuccessful, any future enrolment will be at the regular cost.


Upon successful completion of the CSCB Introduction to Canadian Customs and Border Procedures course, the student will be mailed a certification of completion.


There is a CDN$100 administrative fee if the CSCB receives written notice of withdrawal from the Introduction to Canadian Customs and Border Procedures course after the application and payment have been processed. A refund of the tuition fees, minus a CDN $100 administrative fee will be issued.

Students may withdraw from this course at any time; however, there will be no refund of tuition fees when notice of withdrawal is received after the student has gained access to course materials.

A student who wishes to withdraw may arrange a transfer of enrolment to another student who is in the same enrolment category. This requires written notification from both parties including a course application completed by the replacement student. The course must be completed within the original timeframe of 180 days.


Email is the preferred method of communication for the Introduction to Canadian Customs and Border Procedures course. Students are responsible for maintaining the reliability of their e-mail addresses by updating their contact information through their CSCB accounts.