CSCB Board of Directors

The following are the CSCB Directors for 2022-2023:

Ms. Angela Collins
Willson International Limited
Mississauga, Ontario

Mr. Alan Dewar
Geo. H. Young & Co. Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mr. Alexandre Legault
Globco International Inc.
Levis, Quebec

Ms. Gillian Lochhead
Mississauga, Ontario

Ms. Penny Moulton (Vice-Chair)
UPS – Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario

Ms. Deborah Osborne (Chair)
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd.
St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador

Ms. Amber Park
A & A Customs Brokers
Surrey, BC

Ms. Candace Sider
Livingston International Inc.
Fort Erie, Ontario

Mr. Stephen Venturini (Secretary-Treasurer)
Omnitrans Inc.
Montreal, Quebec