CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) - Honourary Status

The Canadian CCS Honourary Status recognizes individuals who have made a positive, lasting contribution to the Canadian customs brokerage community.

Honourary status is exclusive, i.e. a CCS - Honourary cannot be a regular CCS as well, since those with Honourary status do not need to acquire CCS points, nor do they pay any fee.

Nominees for the CCS – Honourary status must get ten points from the following four (weighted) criteria:

(a) Leadership of and commitment to the Canadian customs brokerage community (to a maximum of seven points), which includes the following:

  • service on the CSCB Board of Directors, including acting as Chairman of the CSCB
  • service as a CSCB Regional Co-ordinator
  • service on a CSCB national or regional committee

(b) Leadership in and commitment to education and professional development for the brokerage community on a regional, national and/or international basis (to a maximum of five points), includes:

  • local, regional or national activities related to CSCB or predecessor organizations’ education and professional development courses (could include marking examinations, acting as examination proctors, contributing examination questions, serving on CSCB or predecessor organizations’ education committees)
  • development/updating of CSCB Canadian course material
  • development/updating of course material outside Canada

(c) Service to the community (to a maximum of two points) at any level in any number of international, national and/or local charitable organizations

(d) Achievement of significant benefit to customs brokers and the international trade community (to a maximum of ten points). CCS - Honourary designates need not be CCS designates, work for CSCB member companies, nor be employed in Canada or in customs brokerage. It is envisioned that the Honourary designation will recognize those in the international trade community who influence the role and content of customs brokerage work, and play a leadership role in international trade.

For example, individuals are eligible who have been active in:

  • the International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations (IFCBA)
  • the Customs administrations of Canada or other countries
  • the World Customs Organization
  • commercial enterprises that support and enable customs brokers to provide better services

Individuals will be awarded the CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) - Honourary designation in recognition of activities and achievements in the realms of leadership in the profession, and for professional development and education, rather than service to the CSCB as an organization.

The CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) - Honourary designation is available to Honourary Life Directors who have already been honoured by the CSCB in recognition of their service to the organization.

The power to grant the honourary designation lies solely with the Board. Members will be encouraged to nominate individuals for this designation.

The Board will appoint a review committee to discuss applications and make recommendations for appointments to the CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) – Honourary designation.