Introduction to Canadian Customs & Border Procedures Course Outline

Part 1: Who's Who 

Module 1: The Players and their Roles
Module 2: Legislation 
Module 3: The Customs Broker Business

Part 2: Reporting 

Module 1: Documentation/Data 
Module 2: Advance Commercial Information 
Module 3: Arrival and Examination 
Module 4: Other Shipments 
Module 5: Trusted Trader Programs 

Part 3: The Harmonized System 

Module 1: The Canadian Harmonized System of Tariff Classification 
Module 2: General Interpretive Rules (GIRs) 
Module 3: Notes
Module 4: Tariff Classification

Part 4: Tariff Treatment 

Module 1: The Basics of Tariff Treatment 
Module 2: Rules of Origin 
Module 3: Specific Tariff Treatment 

Part 5: Valuation 

Module 1: Methods of Valuation and Valuation Codes
Lesson 2: Transaction Method of Valuation; Additions and Deductions
Lesson 3: Other Approaches to Valuation 

Part 6: Other Government Departments (OGDs) and Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) 

Module 1: OGDs and PGAs Overview
Module 2: Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Module 3: Global Affairs Canada (GAC) 
Module 4: Transport Canada (TC)
Module 5: Other OGDs

Part 7: Release 

Module 1: Foundations of Release 
Module 2: Financial Security 
Module 3: Request for Release 
Module 4: RNS and the Examination Process 

Part 8: Accounting 

Module 1: Accounting for Goods
Module 2: Notices, Detailed Coding Statements, and Verification 
Module 3: Late Accounting
Module 4: Maintenance of Records

Part 9: After Final Accounting 

Module 1: Payment of Duties and Taxes 
Module 2: Detailed Adjustment Statement (DAS) 
Module 3: Compliance and Reason to Believe 
Module 4: B2 Adjustment Requests - Self Adjustments and Refunds

Part 10: Special Circumstances

Module 1: Goods Imported Temporarily
Module 2: Canadian Goods that are Temporarily Exported and Returned 
Module 3: Canadian Goods Abroad Program 

Part 11: Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) 

Module 1: SIMA

Part 12: Warehouses

Module 1: Sufferance Warehouses
Module 2: Queen's and Customs Bonded Warehouses 

Module 13: Exporting Commercial Goods 

Module 1: Exporting Commercial Goods 
Module 2: Exports to the US and Non-US Locations