Request for Content Review for CCS Points/CTCS Credits

If you are a designate or an event organizer looking to have an event, or any other activity, approved for CCS points and/or CTCS credits, please complete the following form per one activity.

Approval process and criteria

Our subject matter experts review the submitted activity information, and based on content and duration will establish whether it qualifies for either CCS points, CTCS credits or both, and how many points and/or credits. Your request will be reviewed and responded to within a week.

If approved,

  • your activity will be listed in either or both listings on our website (CCS Points Approved Activities | CTCS Credits Approved Activities);
  • (for designates) please ensure to provide proof of participation to obtain points and/or credits, as outlined in the designation maintenance policies (CCS | CTCS);
  • (for organizers) you will be able to advertise the number of points and/or credits for which your activity has been approved.

Who's requesting approval

What's the activity

Include leader’s name, training outline, links, or other descriptive material
If available, please attach a file with information about the event, for e.g. presentation. Max. 10 MB.