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Manifest Forward - Customs Broker/Importer Search

Welcome to the Customs Broker/Importer Search for Manifest Forward!

This list contains information to help facilitate communication between freight forwarders/carriers and customs brokers/importers for the purpose of eManifest. The information contained here is to be used for that purpose only.

If you are a customs broker or importer and wish to list your company's information, please refer to Customs Broker/Importer Listing for Manifest Forward.

If you have any suggestions for this listing, please email us at [email protected].

Company Name Port of Entry Code Primary Phone Number Alternate Phone Number Primary Email Alternate Email Ask for Website
Loblaw Companies Ltd. (905) 459-2500 [email protected] Link
Logistique de Frét Special Inc (438) 466-2490
Logix Customs Broker Inc. ALL [email protected] Allen Link
LV Matthews Customs Broker ALL (403) 287-3337 [email protected] [email protected] Melissa Kerr Link
Lynden Canada Co. ALL (905) 871-3631 [email protected] whomever answers the phone Link
M.E & P.E. Samson, Customs Brokers ALL (506) 548-8841 [email protected] [email protected] MARY
Maersk Logistics & Services Canada Inc. (Formerly Damco Customs Services) all (905) 361-4405 [email protected] [email protected] Jonathan Dickinson Link
Mainfreight Inc.- Vancouver Branch All (778) 846-3189 [email protected] [email protected]
Mantoria Inc. ALL (514) 488-4004 [email protected] [email protected] Patrick Guy / Shawn Starks Link
Mathers Logistics Ltd. (formerly Atlantic Customs Brokers Ltd.) ALL (902) 429-5680 [email protected] [email protected] Anne Abes Link
Medlog Canada Inc. 395 (514) 396-5492 [email protected] [email protected] Lana Sukhanova Link
Mississauga Branch 495496497 (905) 673-2112 [email protected]
Mississauga Branch 497 (905) 676-2763 [email protected] [email protected] Chris Cartan Link
mkmarin trade services inc. ALL (888) 312-6556 [email protected] Link
Moncton Branch (506) 857-3026
Montreal 395 (866) 890-1931 [email protected] [email protected] alice.peresdasilva Link
Montreal Branch (514) 636-1941
Mount Hope Branch (905) 679-5953
Near North Customs Brokers Inc. ALL (705) 739-0024 [email protected] [email protected] Patrick / Amy Link
Niagara on the Lake Branch 427 (905) 262-5381 [email protected] [email protected] Karen Murray Link
Nippon Express Canada Ltd. ALL (905) 565-7529 [email protected] Linda, Angela Link
NoGlobalBorders Inc. ALL (416) 360-4642 [email protected] [email protected] Cameron Link
Novalink Logistics Inc. ALL (604) 231-8099 [email protected] [email protected] Link
Omnitrans Inc. ALL (514) 288-6664 [email protected] Nilima Patel Link
Otimo Customs Inc. 504 (888) 243-0303 [email protected] Link
P. Mines Customs Services Inc. ALL (905) 871-7434 [email protected] [email protected] Link
Parkwood & Cavanaugh Ltd. ALL (905) 612-0761 [email protected] Cody Asselstine Link
Peninsula Customs Brokers Ltd. ALL [email protected] Link
Percy H. Davis Ltd ALL (306) 927-2165 [email protected] [email protected] Barry O'handley Link
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd ALL (709) 726-7596 [email protected] Imports Link
Precision Forwarders & Brokers ALL (514) 849-2115 [email protected] [email protected] Ron Cohen, Dan Brown
Preferred Service Customs Brokers Inc. ALL (604) 270-6607 [email protected] [email protected] Andrew Kursar Link
PWS Logistics Montreal, Inc. dba Priority Worldwide ALL (514) 905-5983 [email protected] [email protected] Canada Import Dept. Link
Ramsay Customs & Logistics Vancouver 809, 821 (604) 242-3493 [email protected] Link
Ramsay Logistics Ltd. 0701 (587) 353-1069 [email protected] [email protected] Link
Reliable Logistics (905) 607-1234 x209 [email protected] [email protected] Link
Rhenus Customs Brokers Ltd. (formerly Rodair Customs Brokers Ltd.) ALL (905) 671-4655 [email protected] [email protected] Asha Mahabir, David Shaw Link
RIMbosh Logistics Ltd. ALL (819) 778-1333 [email protected] [email protected] Wendy Yuill Link
Royal Customs Brokers, Division of Willson International Limited ALL (905) 871-7961 [email protected] [email protected] Days: Paul Martin, Evenings: Lori Stickland Link
Russell A. Farrow Limited (519) 252-7775 [email protected] [email protected] Linda Dynes Link
Sarnia Branch (519) 332-1270
Sarnia Branch 440 (519) 337-0868 [email protected]
SC Integrators Inc. ALL (604) 398-5577 [email protected] Link
Scarbrough International (CA) dba 1000613437 Ontario Inc. 497 6476863439 [email protected] [email protected] Nick Link
Schenker of Canada Limited ALL (905) 676-0676 [email protected] Manager/Supervisor Link
SCS Customs Brokers Inc.
Sea Air International Forwarders Ltd. ALL (905) 677-7701 [email protected] [email protected] Churaman Link
Secam International Inc. ALL (450) 622-2221 [email protected] [email protected] Claire Howarth, Sylvain Champoux Link
Service Plus International, Inc. ALL (204) 633-4830 [email protected] [email protected] Bob Hobson / Brad Miller Link
SKF Canada Limited ALL (416) 299-2848 [email protected] Robert or Sriyani Link