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Participation in Consultations

Government of Canada Consultative Mechanisms

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The CBSA has created the Border Commercial Consultative Committees (BCCCs) to provide Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials and commercial stakeholders with a forum to discuss border-related policies, operational programs and administrative procedures that govern and affect Canada's commercial trade.

The BCCCs hope to advance government-industry cooperation, specifically in relation to improving commercial processing in a manner that:

  • optimizes the free flow of legitimate goods;
  • promotes the global competitiveness of businesses through the efficient management of supply chains;
  • promotes solutions that reflect the needs and priorities of both the CBSA and the trade community; and
  • ensures supply chain security and compliance with customs laws, regulations and policies.

The three Committees are:

  • Policy and Projects Committee: The objective of the Policy and Projects Committee is to provide more inclusive decision making when developing and implementing new commercial and trade policies, projects, and transformation initiatives. More information >>
  • Commercial and Operations Committees: The objective of the Commercial and Operations Committee is to assess, review and recommend processes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations at ports of entry, including commercial compliance issues. More information >>
  • Trade and Recourse Committee: The objective of the Trade and Recourse Committee is to provide advice on the management and delivery of the CBSA’s trade compliance and recourse programs and to support consultation and collaboration between the CBSA and trade stakeholders on shared issues related to the promotion of compliance and cooperative strategies and solutions geared at improving compliance while facilitating trade and minimizing costs. More information >>

Working groups with defined timelines have been established under each committee to address key issues.

CSCB Participation

The CSCB actively participates in the BCCC representing members' interests.

Specifically, the following CSCB staff members participate in these committees, sub-committees and working groups:

  • Janine Harker
  • Melanie Bedard
  • Shelley Gares