CSCB Webinar Series: CARM for the Trade Community

February 19, 2021

The CSCB launched its CARM webinar series on February 10th giving our customs broker members the floor to ask questions and talk about important issues of interest relating to CARM. We have used feedback from this session to identify priority subjects for the bi-weekly webinars planned for the trade community in order to better prepare our members, and their clients and partners for the implementation of CARM.

The webinars in this series will be held on the dates below, starting at 1 pm EST. These sessions will be open to the public in addition to CSCB members, Preferred Business Clients and designates. Representatives from the Canada Border Services Agency have committed to be part of these sessions and our CSCB experts will always be in attendance!

CSCB CARM Webinar Series for the Trade Community Schedule of Events 2021

  • February 24th – Registering in the CARM Client Portal & Portal Functionality
  • March 10th – Delegation of Authority in the CARM Client Portal
  • March 24th – Release Prior to Payment Financial Security
  • April 7th – ARL & Payments Part 1: What you need to know about ARL & Payments between now and CARM Release 2
  • April 21st – ARL & Payments Part 2:  What you need to know about ARL & Payments post CARM Release 2, including Disbursement Concepts
  • May 5th – Understanding Financial Statements in CARM:  Which statements will be available in Release 1 & Release 2
  • May 19th – CAD Submissions, including Corrections & Adjustments

If you register for the entire series, you will receive a significant discount from the per-webinar fee. And CSCB customs broker members can register clients at the member fee. Consider this your one stop for timely and authoritative CARM information, with access to government and industry resources in one place, at one time!

For the complete set of CARM-related information and reference materials, please consult the CSCB Road to CARM (RTC) (login required). Please note, this information is only available to authorized employees of CSCB Member Firms and Preferred Business Clients.  

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