#UnsungHeroes Social Media Campaign

May 5, 2020

Dear CSCB Member,

You may never have thought of yourself, or your staff, as heroes, but in these times of uncertainty, supply chain providers are reminding the world on a daily basis that heroes don't all wear capes and that they live and work among us. As key members of the supply chain, customs brokers are proving once again just how essential they are in supporting, not just the economy, but the health and well-being of each and every person on the planet. 

Even though our new reality has left us all feeling somewhat disconnected from our family, friends and neighbours, customs brokers and their supply chain partners are maintaining the flow of essential goods to meet our basic needs and support the health care system, as well as boost morale among all those confined to their homes. 

In this spirit, and with the hope of highlighting any unsung heroes living among us, we are inviting our customs broker members to share any small or big success stories and feel-good moments that you may have experienced in your day-to-day operations. We are sure these have highlighted for you the fact that the human spirit and ingenuity are alive and well, and that they continue to transcend even the most difficult of situations.  

Whether you have found creative ways to work from home, or managed a difficult work challenge, we would like to hear about it! This could mean:

  • finding a new activity or game to safely occupy your little ones for an uninterrupted hour or two,
  • a unique home office set up to turn a corner of your home into a new home office,
  • if you have been able to solve a specific challenge brought on by the new Covid-19 related regulations in a way that made you proud,
  • if your carriers and other TCPs or government personnel have helped to facilitate the clearance and delivery of a difficult shipment, or
  • if you have any fun or funny moments which have served to lighten the stress of it all.

Even the small ideas and victories that are helping you to continue performing your job, no matter how repetitive or ordinary the task may seem, all play an important role in keeping the supply chain moving, which in turn keeps our daily lives from collapsing. So please tell us about any heroes from among your staff or perhaps you have a story yourself.  We want to hear about those who deserve a pat on the back for all their small and large victories that are keeping the trains, planes, ships and trucks moving, and all the goods clearing once they hit our borders! 

Please note that any submissions will be subject to your final approval before being posted to our social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the CSCB website. If you have a photo of your hero (capes optional!) or of your chic home office, please include it with your submission.  

We look forward to reading your stories and thank you in advance for sharing them with us.

Hats off to all our heroes, big and small, for keeping the supply chain moving!

Please send your stories to cscb@cscb.ca.

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