2020 CSCB National Conference Program

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Managing and Planning in Challenging Times:
Critical Information for Canada’s International Traders

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Doing Business Today for Tomorrow: Preparing for the new release prior to payment regime

13:00 – 13:10
Conference Welcome

David Bosse, CSCB Chair and Carol West, CSCB President and CEO

13:10 – 14:40
Securing and Paying Debt to the Crown under CARM

The rules around release prior to payment security and payment will be different under CARM. During this session, you will learn about those changes and what can be done today to prepare for them.

Moderator: Melanie Bedard, CSCB Vice-President, Advocacy Projects

Presenters: Lisa Anawati, Vice-President, CARM, CBSA and Goran Vragovic, Director General, CARM, CBSA 

14:45 – 15:55
Changes to CBSA Statement of Account Payment

The timely and accurate allocation of payments has been a challenge for CBSA since the implementation of ARL. As CBSA readies for CARM implementation, the pressure is on to clean up importer accounts and make the payment process more efficient with more accurate outcomes. In this session we will discuss rules regarding payment procedures that will be made mandatory in 2021.

Moderator: Janice McBride, CSCB Senior Vice-President

Presenters: Marc Séguin, Revenue Accounting and Reporting, CBSA and Valéry Sina Ba, Director, Revenue Accounting and Reporting, CBSA

16:00 – 16:50
Importer Bond Marketplace

In the previous session, the steps that can be taken to prepare for the financial changes associated with CARM implementation in 2022 will be discussed. Rather than waiting until 2022, some brokers and importers are working together now to transition to the new scenario. Understanding the importer bond marketplace will assist all parties with their preparations.

Moderator: Melanie Bedard, CSCB Vice-President, Advocacy Projects

Presenters: Dina Amaro-Elias, Director, Surety, Intact Financial Corporation; Dick Longland, Commercial and Developer Surety, Intact Financial Corporation; Tracy McLean, Senior Vice-President, Global Logistics Insurance, NFP and Steven D. Ness, President, Surety Association of Canada

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Doing Business Today: Operational Policies, Procedures and Pilots at Canada’s Border

13:00 – 14:15
Operational Changes at the Border

CARM may be the most significant change on CBSA’s books but other operational changes are on the horizon. As COVID-initiatives will be discussed separately during the conference program, this session focuses on a variety of initiatives that range from the early stages of development to the final stages of implementation. These include e-Commerce/CLVS, eHousebill, cargo pre-clearance, CERS and Forced Labour.

Moderator: Janice McBride, CSCB Senior Vice-President

Presenters: Melissa Brannagan, Acting Manager, Border Processing, CBSA; Inga Gutan, Senior Program Advisor, Policy and Program Management, CBSA; Everett Harper, a/Manager, Other Government Department (OGD) Programs, CBSA; Paul Hughes, Industry Co-lead, eHousebill Working Group; Christelle Johnson, Director, Commercial and Trade Innovation and Intake, CBSA; and Mike Junek, Director General, Transformation, Planning and Projects, CBSA

14:20 – 15:35
COVID Initiatives: Looking ahead

The old adage regarding clouds and silver linings will be evident during this session. The closure of physical premises and the limitations of remote workforces meant a re-thinking of manual processes. This led to consideration and in some cases implementation of new policies and procedures relating to filing of commercial and trade declaration. Panelists will review changes within CBSA arising from COVID circumstances.

Moderator: Shelley Gares, CSCB Senior Advisor, Knowledge and Partnerships

Presenters: Tamara Allard, Director, Commercial Operations, CBSA and Charles Melchers, Director, Regulatory Trade Programs, Trade and Anti-dumping Programs Directorate

15:40 – 16:55
IID Unresolved Challenges and PGA Perspectives

The CBSA decommissioned the Other Government Department (OGD) release service options OGD PARS (SO463) and OGD RMD (SO471) on August 17, 2020 without having successfully addressed all identified release processing issues. Changes to the IID continue and the SWI/IID GCCollab site remains busy. During this session, you can ask your questions about how ECCC, HC and CFIA requirements are met through the IID and raise other IID issues that have arisen in your operations.

Moderator: Michelle Criger, CSCB Director, Advocacy and Education

Presenters:  Michael Andrews, National Manager,Operations, CFIA; Claudia Campos, A/Corporate Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Supervisor, Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch, HC;Heather Craig, Senior Business Analyst, Operations, CFIA; Shawn Fancy, Manager, Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch, HC; Ashley Goddard, Program Engineer, Environmental Protection Branch, ECCC; Jeffery Goodman, Manager, Test Specimen and Data Management Section, ECCC; Becky Illson-Skinner, Senior Program Advisor, OGD Programs, CBSA and  Janogini Muralitharan, Corporate Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement Advisor, Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch, HC

Friday, December 11, 2020
Doing Business Tomorrow: Business Leadership Day

13:00 – 14:15
CBSA Priorities

What happens to established priorities when the world is thrown upside down? Understanding CBSA priorities is critical for Canadian customs brokers and importers. Prior to the pandemic, CBSA had a wide range of commercial trade initiatives on its agenda. Have new challenges resulted in changes to those priorities or the timelines associated with them?

Moderator: Carol West, CSCB President and CEO

Presenter: Peter Hill, Vice-President, Commercial and Trade Branch, CBSA


14:20 – 15:30

Building Team Culture Remotely/Managing a Hybrid Workforce

Host: Praveeni Perera, CSCB Manager, Member Services and Projects

Presenter: Andrew Au, Digital Transformation, AI and Modern Leadership Expert

15:35 – 16:30

Surveying the Wreckage: Turning Chaos Into Advantage

Host: Carol West, CSCB President and CEO

Presenter: Richard Worzel, Futurist, C.F.A.

16:30 – 17:00

Conference Closing with Key Takeaways

David Bosse, CSCB Chair and Carol West, CSCB President and CEO