List of Current CTCS Designates

We are proud to present the current CTCS designates!

The CTCS (Certified Trade Compliance Specialist) designation recognizes the experience and expertise of international trade compliance professionals, sets a standard for ongoing professional development in a field where change is constant, supports a network for information sharing and collaboration. Learn More

This list includes all CTCS designates who are in good standing and who have agreed to publish their information. All 321 CTCS designates have a minimum of 5 years of international trade compliance experience; completed either a demanding program of study consisting of 10 CTCS courses or a rigorous grandfathering process; and have fulfilled all professional development requirements.

Province: AB

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Miss Merima Alicajic
Manager, Customs & Trade

Mr Vitalie Baidan

Mr Trevor Bye

Ms Cyrena Childs
Trade Compliance

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Mr Allan Corbett
GM & Sec/Tres

Miss Janice Crowder
Specialist Imports, Trade Compliance

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Mrs Nancy Fowler
Team Leader, Logistics

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Mr Jeffrey Fraser

Mr Eric Harron

Ms Pamela Hodder

Mrs Norma Hudon
Manager, Customs

Mrs Cathryn Kirby Adshade
Customs Release Agent

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Ms Marcia Kobe

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Ms Elaine Lamb
Manager - Customs

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Mr Daniel McDow

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Mrs Cindy McGee

Ms Karren Menil
Qualified Officer

Ms Rose Penner

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Mr Elias Pizarro
Vice President

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Mr Steve Spoljarevic
Manager, Customs

Mrs Sandra Teed
Global Trade Import/Export Operations Manager

Mrs Katherine Verastegui
Customer Service Representative

Province: BC

Ms Jenn Aguirre

Ms Carol Brown
Systems Analyst & Designer

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Ms Patricia Cassidy
Team Lead

Mrs Chitra Chettiar

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Ms Cindy Christensen

Mrs Julie Cochran
Trade Compliance

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Mr Paul Courtney

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Mr Graeme Doiron
US Brokerage Specialist

Mrs Allison Douglas
Trade Advisory Consultant

Mrs Jaspreet Kaur Gill

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Mrs Taryn Hannah
Operations Supervisor

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Mrs Crystal Hessels
Senior Compliance Manager

Miss Elaine Hui
Assistant Customs Manager

Miss Minyoung Jang

Ms Karin Janssen
Trade Compliance

Ms Tanya Kinch
Group Leader, Customs & Traffic

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Mr Colin Kirby

Ms Jolanta Krasucka
Regional Customs Manager

Mrs Myriam Lazo
Customs Release Specialist

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Mr William Lee

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Mrs Ling (Lynn) Luo
Customs Broker

Trade Compliance Specialist

Ms Catherine Marshall
Ocean Release Agent

Ms Maria Mate

Mrs Sue McDonald
Customs and Compliance Analyst

Mr Marc McLean

Ms Amanda Miles
Corporate Trainer

Ms Tracey Mitchell
Release Operations Supervisor

Mr Jonathann Morco
General Manager, Vancouver

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Mr Ken Nord

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Ms Patricia O'Malley
Senior Trade Consultant, Davidson and Sons Ltd

Mrs Lorri Oliver
Customs Specialist

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Miss Melissa Paskaruk
release supervisor

Mr Joel Pelayo
Release Agent

Ms Calie Peters
Business & Sales Development Manager

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Mrs Sarah Prior
Ocean release agent

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Ms Jennifer Proctor
Trade Compliance Supervisor

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Ms Ronnie Rajinder Rai
Client Relationship

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Ms Maribel Reyes
Release Agent

Mrs Annette Rowan
Trade Compliance Specialist

Miss Cherie Storms

Mrs Katrena Talbot
Client Services

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Ms Gloria Terhaar
Release Operations Supervisor

Ms Sandra Troche
Ocean Release

Miss Cynthia Valencia

Mr Mark Van Roon
Customs Manager

Ms Evelyn Vidal

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Mrs Rozen Villanueva
Trade Compliance Supervisor

Mrs Sheryl Walker
Trade Compliance Specialist

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Trade Compliance Specialist

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Mr Michael Fraser Wright
Trade Compliance

Ms Gail Wright
Release Agent

Mr Wei Min Xiao
Account Manager

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Ms Jing Zhang
Intermediate Rater

Province: IL

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Mr Lawrence French
Senior Account Executive

Province: MB

Mrs Amanda Bilowus
SR Rater

Mr Bruno Biondi

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Ms Tanya Copet
Manager, Team 25 & 20

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Mr Alan Dewar

Ms Donna Fetterly

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Ms Rhonda Galbraith

Mrs Jennifer Henzel

Mrs Darian Houston
Release Clerk

Ms Samantha Krist
Production Manager

Ms Sarah Marcotte
Customer Care Manager

Ms Nyree Menzies

Mrs Valerie Michaud
senior rater

Ms Barb Miller
President & CEO

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Ms Jenna Mol
Import Specialist

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Ms Shannon Munson
Sr Customs Regulatory Specialist

Ms Alison Myskiw
Customs & Brokerage Specialist

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Mrs Candace Oliveira
International Transportation Manager

Mrs Kim Ross
Customs Manager

Ms Kirsten Carol Selby
Trade Analyst

Mr Alec Settee
Trade Specialist

Ms Hayley Dawn Shirtliffe
Manager, Special Projects

Ms Kathy Stanish

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Director, Trade Compliance & Logistics

Mr Corey Tkach
Unit Manager

Province: NB

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Miss Giselle Bouchard

Mrs Nicole Clement
Customer Service & Compliance Specialist

Ms Krista Dymond

Ms Shelley Gares

Ms Colleen Jennings
Compliance Manager

Miss Sarah Kennedy

Mr Yves Menon

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Mr Alex Piedrahita

Province: NL

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Ms Kelly Blenkinsopp
Consulting & Compliance Supervisor

Mr Raymond Collins

Mr Paul Collins
Import Rater

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Mr Ronald Malone
Import Manager

Mr Michael Murphy

Province: NS

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Mrs Laurie Caron

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Mrs Indira Edwards
Manager - Finance/Customs

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Mr Joseph Verhaeghe
Freight Coordinator

Province: NY

Mrs Jennifer Mills

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Mr Tim Wing
Brokerage Growth Director

Province: OH

Mr Mubariz Piriyev

Province: ON

Ms Kathleen Acchione

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Ms Danielle Adair
Customs Compliance Manager - Canada

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Mr Jamal Ahmed
Customs Compliance Manager

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Mr Mehmood Ali

Ms Catherine Anchor

Ms Cynthia Annakie
Director, International Trade & Customs Compliance

Mrs Fahmida Arab
Manager Release Operations

Mr Muhammad Rehan Arif
Manager, Customs & Trade Compliance

Ms Jodi Armstrong

Ms Deb Axford
Compliance Analyst

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Mrs Patricia Bailey

Miss Lisa Ball
Supervisor, Customs Dept

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Ms Roberta Balojin
Customs Compliance Analyst

Ms Kathy Barzal

Mr Lucas Bauer
CARM Business Account Manager

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Mrs Jennifer Beamish

Ms Melanie Bedard
Vice President, Advocacy Projects

Mrs Elena Benoit
Sales Professional

Ms Sarah Berlato

Mr Pawan Bhayana
Sr. Trade Consultant

Mr Ryan Bradbury
Trade Compliance Manager

Mrs Joumana Bteich
Senior & Customs trade Advisor

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Mr Steve Bunda

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Ms Kim Campbell

Mr Ganase Carlton

Ms Hannah Cheng

Ms Angela Collins
Account Executive

Mrs Sue Compisano
Customs, Director

Mr Hernan Cordoba

Mrs Marinela Daniela Cotosman
CHB Operations Associate

Ms Tracy Curwood
Service Coordinator

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Ms Linda Cybulski

Ms Brenda Davidson

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Mr Qi Deng

Mrs Satnam Dhami

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Mr Vishwa Dhar

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Ms Grace Di Marca
National Manager - TSU, Customs Consulting

Mrs Lisa Di Tommaso
Director of customs

Mrs Kathrina Dibueno
CHB Compliance Manager, Canada

Mrs Tanya Dietrich
Trade Compliance Specialist

Mrs Susan Doering
Import/Export Compliance

Mr Olivier DONZE
Classification & Release Specialist

Mr Matthew Earish

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Miss Cynthia L. Elliott
Sr. Trade Compliance Analyst

Mr Sean Everden

Mr Peter Xi Fang

Mr Bin Feng
Technical Service Representative

Mr Emil Fiorantis

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Mrs Laurencia Fortich
Customs Rater

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Ms Wa (Grace) Gao
senior compliance Specialist

Ms Pamela Garrett
Customs Specialist

Ms Adriana Geleriu

Mr Abhilash George Thomas
Customs Consultant

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Mr Thomas Giberson
Sr. Trade Compliance Specialist

Mr Matthew Gilligan
International Trade Compliance Manager

Mr Russell Gionette


sgiuricich's picture

Mr Steve Giuricich
Logistics Specialist - Customs

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Ms Sherrill Glass
Station Manager

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Ms Martha Goncalves
Partner, Tax, Customs & International Trade

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Mrs Maria Antonieta Gonzalez

Ms Melanie Goodine
Customs Administrator


mgupta's picture

Ms Manpreet Gupta

Mr Lukas Hamann
Manager - Border Clearances

Ms Mary-Anne Hardy

Vice President

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Miss Octavia Daenerys Eleanor Henstridge
Senior Customs Rater

Ms Sara Hiebert
Manager, Client Services

Ms M Dianne Hill
Customs Analyst

Ms Kimberly Hollingworth

Ms Nancy Horner
Import Rater

Mrs Vicky Huynh
Senior Customs Compliance & Global Logistics Specialist

Mrs Tammy Iftiniuk

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Mr John G. Jakubowski
Manager, Trade and Customs Advisory Services

Ms Ayesha Javed

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Mrs Mithula Jegatheeswaran (Jegan)
Customs Brokerage Operations Manager

Mrs Roxann John

kjordan's picture

Mr Kenneth Jordan

Mr Jonathan Kean
Regulatory Analyst

Mr Branislav Kecman

Mr Rufat Khanaliyev

Mr Yoon Kim
Technical Service Representative

Ms Yu Kim
Customs Supervisor

Mrs Christina Kinder
Supervisor - Tariff Support Unit, Customs Consulting

Mrs Ilona Julia King

tkitai's picture

Ms Tomoko O. Kitai

skloostra's picture

Mr Shawn Kloostra
Senior Vice President, Brokerage Solutions

Mrs Lisa Knight

hkohli's picture

Mr Harmeet Kohli

Ms Carol Shu-Qin Kwok


klawrence_2's picture

Mrs Kerry Lawrence
Director, Customs & Duty

Ms Kristina Lawrence
Customs Specialist

chartman's picture

Ms Christine Leavoy

Mrs Megan Leemans
Customs & Foreign Trade Mgmt. Specialist

blehigh's picture

Mr Brad Lehigh
Export Compliance Manager

Ms Chunmei Li
Senior Customs Analyst

cli2's picture

Ms Cynthia Man-Yin Li

Mrs Jianling (Lisa) Li

lliu2's picture

Ms Lingling Liu

Ms Jennifer Livick
Technical Support Specialist

Miss Angela Logan
Customs Analyst

Ms Iris (Wen) Long
Trade Advisor Consulting

Mr John Lowe
On-Site Representative

kluk's picture

Miss Kristie Luk
Senior Manager, Global Trade Advisory

Mr Michael Lusk

cmacri's picture

Ms Christine Macri
Training Consultant, North America


Ms Karen Manchur

Mr Philip Mason

cmaxwell's picture

Mr Colin Maxwell

vmcinnis's picture

Mrs Vickie McInnis
Professor & Program Coordinator

rmckinnon's picture

Mr Ronald McKinnon

lpauls's picture

Mrs Lindsay McMurtrie
Regulatory Analyst

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Import Customs specialist

Mrs Jean Christine Melgar
Trade Analyst

hmissouri's picture

Ms Heather Missouri

Ms Jennifer Mitchell

jmoccia's picture

Mr John Moccia
Director, Regulatory Affairs Canada

pmoulton's picture

Mrs Penny Moulton

Mrs Kristy Mulvihill
Customs Compliance Analyst

Mr Steve Murray
Trade Compliance

Ms Tammy Nanticoke

Ms Indranie Narain

mnarayanan's picture

Mr Mohan Narayanan

ansilue's picture

Mrs Aminata Nogo-Silue
Customs Consultant

Ms Penny O'Neill

Ms Sandra Odorico

rpache's picture

Ms Ramona Pache
Director of Customs

Ms Linelle Palmer

Mrs RIDDHI Panchal
Sr. Customs Rater

amercer's picture

Mrs Amber Park

sparker's picture

Mrs Sherry Parker

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Mr Rakesh Patel

Mr Sean Patrick

Ms Alice Peres da Silva

kpetteplace's picture

Mrs Katie Petteplace

Ms Yolanda Peynado

vphan's picture

Ms Van Phan

Mrs Sherry Phillips
Customs Accounting Administrator

Mr Vassili Popov

Ms Yaroslava Poralo
Seafreight Manager

Mrs Antonella Proietto

Mr John Quirke
VP Trade Consulting

Miss Sonia Ramroop

Mrs Nicole Raso
Manager, Import Export & Customs

Mrs Kristin Renaud
Regional Manager, Operations

Ms Gina Robertson

Mrs Susan Robichaud

Ms Mariana Rosu
Regulatory Affairs Associate

browe's picture

Mr Brian Rowe

lsadiku's picture

Mr Labinot Sadiku
Trade Compliance Advisor

Mr Sulaimon Saka

Ms Amanda Salmond

Mr Dhivakar Santhanamoorthy

csantos1's picture

Customs & Logistics Consultant

Mr Naeem Sardar
Custom Compliance Manager

tshaikh's picture

Mr Tariq Shaikh

Ms Yi Shen
Product Compliance Analyst

mshi's picture

Ms Melissa Shi

csider's picture

Ms Candace Sider
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, North America

Mr Benjamin Silk
Consulting Analyst

Ms Cuiting Situ

Ms Catherine Slater

Ms Helen Song
Sr. Customs Analyst

Manager, Customs & Intl. Trade Services

Ms Mansi Sood

msouthworth's picture

Mr Mark Southworth
Consultant Livingston International Global Trade Consulting

jspooner's picture

Mr Jerry C. Spooner

mbunbury_2's picture

Ms Michelle Stokes

Mr Derrick Stroebel

Mrs Susan Subryan

Mr Shujun Kevin Sun

Ms Laura Swanson
Senior Regulatory Analyst

Mr Raymond Tang

Mr Jeffrey Thomson

dtodorov's picture

Ms Demi Todorov
National Trade Control Manager

Mr Jonathan Torres

Mrs Diem Tran

Miss Danielle Tremblay
Customs Analyst

htrendafilov's picture

Mr Hristo Trendafilov
National Customs Operations Manager

ctripon's picture

Mr Catalin Tripon

Mrs Karen Vallee

mvaltas's picture

Mrs Margaret Valtas

Mrs Kimberly Van Runt

Ms Danivia Vasconcelos

Ms Claudia Veira

Ms Karla Veites
Manager Trade Compliance

Mrs Carrie Vitti
Team Leader

Mrs Terri Walsh

mwelsman's picture

Miss Meredyth Welsman

Ms Ping Ping Wen

Mr Rajeev Wijesinghe
Account Manager

Mr Jeff Willson
Manager Canadian Compliance

Mr Simon Wilson
Manager, Warehouse & Logistics

Ms Tara Wilson
Trade Consultant

iwoo's picture

Ms Ivy Woo
Manager - Customs Consulting Services

Miss Amanda Yachuk
Customs Compliance Auditor

Mrs Mary Ann Zamora Grepe

Mr Zhongshui Zhang

Mrs Angela Zhang
Supply Chain Coordinator

Mrs June Zheng
Customs Rater

Mrs Jin Zhou

Ms Maja Zorz
Regional Import/Export Control Manager, Region NA

Province: QC

Mr Mumtaz Ahmed

cbeauregard's picture

Mr Christophe Beauregard
Country Trade Compliance Officer

abelhocie's picture

Mr Abdelmajid Belhocie
Manager Customs & Logistics

Mme Karen Blouin

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Mr Craig Claridge
Trade Advisor

cdumitrache's picture

Ms Carmen Dumitrache
Customs Compliance Specialist

M Robert Gaboriault

Mr Aamir Gyles
Customs Release Specialist

M Julien Hamel-Guilbert

Ms Natasha Harper

Miss Claire Howarth
V.P. Customs and Quality Control

Mr Damir Khayretdinov
customs & logistics expert

nlepine's picture

Mlle Nadine Lépine

llevine's picture

Mr Lorin Levine
Station Manager YUL / Branch Manager

Ms Zhan Hong (Cathy) Liu

M Arnaud Lizé
Trade Compliance Coordinator

Ms April Martinez
Vice President

mmillion's picture

Ms Margaret Emma Million
Manager, Canadian Technical and Consulting Services

mbmbarek's picture

Mr mohamed mohamed

kmooney's picture

Mr Kevin Mooney

Mr Raymond Morency

Mrs Suzanne Perkins

Mme Virginia Petrenciu
Trade compliance specialist

M Ronald Racine
Director Of Brokerage Services and Regulatory Affoairs

gscroix's picture

Ms Ginette Ste-Croix
Sr Customs Management Specialist

ssukhanova's picture

Mrs Svetlana Sukhanova
Customs Compliance Specialist

lvgarcia's picture

Mr Luis Vasquez Garcia
Customs Import Specialist

Ms Sandra Walker
Customs Consultant

Mr David Wallace

Mrs Lynn Wilding
Team Leader

Mr Christopher Xenos

Ms Ying Xu
Release and Classification Specialist

Ms Monika Zanacan
Manager, Customs Post Entry & Sr. Consultant

mzobin's picture

Mr Michael Zobin
Director, Global Trade Consulting Quebec and Atlantic Regions

Province: SK

bfrain's picture

Mr Barry Frain

Mr Brandon Smith

cwesling's picture

Mrs Charmaine Wesling
Team Lead, Export Documentation, Finance and Strategy