Manifest Forward - Customs Broker/Importer Search

Welcome to the Customs Broker/Importer Search for Manifest Forward!

This list contains information to help facilitate communication between freight forwarders/carriers and customs brokers/importers for the purpose of eManifest. The information contained here is to be used for that purpose only.

If you are a customs broker or importer and wish to list your company's information, please refer to Customs Broker/Importer Listing for Manifest Forward.

If you have any suggestions for this listing, please email us at [email protected].

Customs Broker/Importer
Port of Entry Code Primary Phone Number Alternate Phone Number Primary Email Alternate Email Ask for Website
Universal Customs Services International, Ltd. ALL (519) 250-0555 (519) 562-4725 [email protected] [email protected] Link
United Parcel Service Canada (UPS) ALL (905) 362-2044 [email protected] [email protected] Peter Shaw Link
United Parcel Service Canada (UPS) All (905) 362-2044 [email protected] [email protected] Peter Shaw Link
Triumph Express Service Canada ALL (905) 673-9300 [email protected] Link
Triple Eagle Customs Brokerage Service Inc. ALL (905) 896-3880 (416) 559-3880 [email protected] [email protected] Eric Deng Link
Trillium Customs Brokers Inc. ALL (905) 629-9505 [email protected] [email protected] Import Team Link
Tri-ad International Freight Forwarding Limited ALL (905) 624-8214 [email protected] Anita Payer Link
Transpacific Customs Brokers ALL (604) 270-6811 [email protected] [email protected] Joe Liu or Stan Liu or Man Sing Liu Link
Trans American Customs Brokers of Canada Ltd. 0410 (905) 991-8776 (800) 333-0465 [email protected] Link
Trans American Customs Brokers of Canada Ltd. Link