We've made changes to our Advocacy and My Association pages, and have a new Glossary!

May 10, 2023

We're excited to announce a few changes to the CSCB website that we hope you'll find helpful!


We have made a few changes to our Advocacy section and menu to help you find relevant information faster!

Our Advocacy section contains a lot of content both authored by us and others that relate to the issues that matter to you the most - issues we advocate on your behalf on.

The Advocacy menu item becomes visible in the main menu once you log in to your CSCB account. Note, you must be employed by a member firm AND have member permissions to be able to access this section*. If you're getting this email directly from [email protected], chances are you have the right permissions.

You can now look at the most pertinent issues like CARM or IOR and access all content related to those issues right from the main menu.


My Association

My Association section has replaced the Committee section. My Association still includes all the board and committee activities but it also includes documents related to our Annual General Meetings. If there is anything else you'd like to see posted here, please let us know.



We have put together a Glossary of Trade Terms that is available to the public, so feel free to share it with your clients. The Glossary is available from "Our Community" section of the home page. As a member, you can also access the Glossary from the Business Tools.


Let us know what you think of those small updates at [email protected]!

*If you login to your CSCB account, and you don't see the Advocacy menu item, please contact us at [email protected] to gain access.

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