Benefit from this year’s CSCB annual conference!

October 1, 2008

1 October 2008

Benefit from this year’s CSCB annual conference!

From speakers to sponsors, this year’s annual conference has been attracting attention.

Join us in Vancouver, BC where you can hear from those who have first-hand knowledge of projects and programs that affect your business. Confirmed speakers include:

Garth Whyte, Executive Vice-President, Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Caron Wilson, Director, Commercial Projects, CBSA
Claude St. Denis, Director, Program Development, CBSA
Rachel Auclair, Director, Compliance Management, CBSA
Joy Aldous, Director, Licensing, Export and Accounting Policy, CBSA;
Raymond Bedard, Director, Partnerships, CBSA
Lorne Lawson, Director, Border and Compliance Programs, CBSA

And from outside the customs realm but with lots of knowledge to share we have Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon who will focus on the impact of global decisions and events on Canada as a trading nation.

As a CSCB member you have the opportunity to benefit from the business program that the CSCB conference offers.

Attend the full conference and get 20 CCS points!

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