CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) Program

Program Description 

The CCS designation is the standard in the customs marketplace – recognized and demanded by those who use brokerage services throughout Canada. This program is designed for the adult learner who is interested in pursuing a career where customs knowledge is essential and where the designation has both personal and professional value and recognition.

In addition to a detailed review of the four basic steps involved in the Canadian customs process (Reporting of Goods, Release of Goods, Accounting for Goods and Payment of Duties and Taxes), students will be learning the following:

  1. The Principal Acts Involved in the Importation and Exportation of Goods
  2. Customs Brokers Licensing Requirements and Agency Agreements
  3. The Canadian Customs Tariff Classification System
  4. Tariff Treatments and Trade Agreements
  5. Valuation
  6. Application of Federal Taxes
  7. AMPS and CSA
  8. Marking of Imported Goods
  9. Refunds, Drawbacks, Self-corrections
  10. Export and Import Permits
  11. Export Documentation
  12. U.S. Customs Procedures
  13. The Special Import Measures Act


The CCS course runs from October of each year until September of the following year. 

Enrolment Requirement

An individual may enrol if s/he:

  • has one year of verifiable experience in a Canadian customs environment; OR
  • has successfully completed the CSCB Introduction to Canadian Customs & Border Procedures online course; OR
  • has successfully completed either of the following Seneca College programs: International Transportation and Customs, OR the Customs Professional Certificate (students requesting this type of exemption must submit a copy of the program completion certificate or a transcript sent directly from the College with their application); OR
  • has successfully completed either of the following Fleming College programs: Law and Security Administration - Customs Border Services, OR International Trade (students requesting this type of exemption must submit a copy of the program completion certificate or a transcript sent directly from the College with their application); OR
  • is a current US CCS Designate.


Registration is now open. The CCS course is made available to students in the first week of October. Students are encouraged to complete the application and payment no later than the last business day in October.

Tuition Fees

Providing you meet the enrolment requirement, enrolment is considered finalized when the CSCB has received full payment of tuition fees. Course access details will be emailed to students in the first week of October.

Student CategoryEmployees of CSCB Members and CBSA/Other Government Departments and AgenciesEmployees of CSCB Preferred Business ClientsEmployees of Non-members or unemployed
New Applicant – if neither (a) nor (b) below$650.00$1,040.00$1,300.00
(a) CCS student who did not pass the CCS course, or officially withdrew from the course after the refund deadline in the immediately preceding year$357.50$  572.00$   715.00
(b) New Applicant who has previously passed the Customs Brokers Qualifying Examination, the Customs Brokers Professional Examination, the two-year CSCB Qualification Course, or the CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) course prior to last year. A copy of the certificate of completion must be provided as proof.$487.50$  780.00$   975.00

No HST is charged on the CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) No tax of any kind is charged on the CCS (Certified Customs Specialist) Course tuition fee. All prices are in Canadian funds.

Academic Policy and Conditions

Program details regarding the final examination, withdrawals, etc. are provided in the Academic Policy and Conditions.

Note to Employers

Because of legally-binding declarations of privacy and understanding the academic policy of the course, this application must be completed by the student (using own email address).

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions about the CCS course, please email us at


NOTE: If applicable, discounts will be applied during registration.

Course Name Price Add to Cart
2015-16 CCS Course 1,300.00 CAD