Canada reveals final trade safeguards for heavy plate, stainless steel wire

May 14, 2019

The Canada Border Services Agency announced Friday the final "safeguard" surtaxes meant to shield the domestic steel industry from competition from cheaper foreign imports of heavy plate and stainless steel wire.

Canada's steel producers had been hoping the federal government would protect its market for other kinds of steel, as well.

But the Canadian International Trade Tribunal investigated the merits of provisional safeguards placed on five other products earlier this winter and reported it found inadequate evidence to support claims that surges in foreign steel imports posed a serious threat to the domestic industry.

"Canadian steelworkers can count on this government," Finance Minister Bill Morneau said in the House of Commons last month after he confirmed that the final safeguard surtaxes would be applied to only two kinds of steel...

This was excerpted from the 10 May 2019 edition of CBC News.

Information regarding the safeguard surtax order that came into effect on May 13 is included in Custom Notice 19-08.

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