CBSA Message (TCC19-029) - EDI for the CBSA offices of Little Gold Creek and Stewart in British Columbia

March 29, 2019

Clients Affected: All importers and brokers who submit their B3s and AO notification of release queries using the CCS/CADEX system.

This is to advise that effective April 1, 2019 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) release requests can be transmitted for clearances at the following offices:
•    895 - Little Gold Creek, B.C.
•    896 – Stewart, B.C.

Paper release requests will be accepted for up to six months. Beginning October 1, 2019 only EDI requests will be accepted, unless the request falls within one of the exceptions outlined in paragraph 41 of D17-1-4: Release of Commercial Goods.

Brokers and importers are reminded that entries must be confirmed using the same port code of release. Clients who intend to clear goods at these remote ports must make arrangements to have these port codes added to their CADEX or CUSDEC profile before conducting business at these ports. Clients who intend to send CADEX or CUSDEC confirming entries for Stewart or Little Gold Creek should contact the TCCU via email at with the following information:

Company name:
Name of requestor:
Title of requestor:
Email address of requestor:
Account Security:
Transmission Site ID:
Which port code is to be added: 895, 896 or both
At what date does the company plan on clearing at these ports?
An officer will contact the requestor to confirm when the change has been made, or if there are follow-up questions on the request.

Thank you for your cooperation

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