CBSA/CFIA Data Elements: Province/State Code Elem

February 5, 2010

5 February 2010

CBSA/CFIA Data Elements: Province/State Code Elem - Postal/Zip Code

The following message is from CBSA (EDI10-010). We understand that the following message relates to a procedure outlined in an earlier message: Although it appears that a fix will be in place later today, please advise the ECU and the CSCB if the port you are dealing with will not accept paper. The CSCB will be following up with CFIA.

Due to technical difficulties, please be advised until further notice all Importers/Brokers are asked to please present PAPER TRANSACTIONS for the following CFIA Import Commodities if your software cannot accommodate the province and postal code in the destination address:

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable,
Processed Products,

This is due to the Validation of Data Elements within the Destination Address for CFIA EDI Import transactions.

These technical difficulties will be resolved as of 05 February 2010 at 22:00 EST. At that time Importers/Brokers impacted by this edit may resume sending EDI transactions.

This CFIA requirement means that EDI clients must provide the destination province and postal code in specific segments of the ACROSS message maps as identified below:

CADEX Map- RR32 segment
EDIFACT Map- NAD DP segment

If you have questions on this CFIA requirement, please contact the CFIA Import Service Center. If you have questions on EDI transmissions, please contact the ECU at 888-957-7224.

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