Change in UPS Air Carrier Code from 8156 to A31...

January 14, 2008

14 January 2008


Change in UPS Air Carrier Code from 8156 to A31, as of 22 January 2008


The following message is from United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.

Effective Tuesday January 22, 2008 United Parcel Service Canada Ltd will align its Air Carrier Code to reflect A31- for Vancouver HVS Air Imports (Courier) . This will allow UPS to be consistent with our air carrier code prefix nationally.  The current code being advised is 8156.


This is being communicated in advance to assist the brokerage community in making any necessary changes and/or to inform your staff.  Both VIASAFE messaging and the UPS Paperless Website will be updated with the new air carrier code effective for air imports on Jan 22.


In anticipation of this date, UPS would encourage the brokerage community to release and account for existing 8156 air carrier code shipments on a timely basis to allow for a seamless transition when the new carrier code comes into effect. There is no change to the highway prefix carrier code at this time.

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