Clarification on AMPS Issues in CSCB Advocacy ...

November 12, 2001

12 November 2001

Clarification on AMPS Issues in CSCB Advocacy Material

As a result of questions from members and a discussion which took place during a recent National Committee on Operating Issues conference call, the CSCB has requested clarification from the AMPS working group on two issues: use of tariff treatment 10 on LVS shipments, and the requirement that customs brokers maintain a NAFTA Certificate of Origin.

The CSCB advocacy material on AMPS, which is available to members only, has been updated with copies of these letters. Responses received from the CCRA will be made available to members.

To view this material, members must first log in with their user identities and passwords, then click on the "Where We Stand" bullet from the CSCB home page. From the members-only index, click on "AMPS Consultative Committee", then locate the documents in the issues chart as follows:

Tariff Treatment 10 is in the "LVS Penalties" area of the chart;
Maintaining NAFTA Certificate of Origin is in the "Record Keeping" area of the chart.

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