Penalty for abends caused by exceeding 999 line maximum

August 2, 2012

As a result of an increasing number of abends (abnormal software terminations or crashes) directly related to CADEX participants exceeding the ACROSS 999 line-limit, CBSA has advised that commencing August 13, 2012, AMPS penalty C070 (failing to account for goods in the prescribed time and manner) will be issued in these cases.  The basis for this action is the ECCRD ACROSS, EDI Release specifications that define a maximum of 999 invoices and/or a maximum of 999 detail commodity description lines per transaction.

Following is text from the CBSA notice

Despite these parameters, there has been an appreciable increase in requests received by CBSA for assistance concerning CADEX EDI Transmissions that abend (process terminates abnormally).  Analysis has revealed the primary cause of these errors is directly related to CADEX participants not adhering to the ACROSS 999 line-limit. 

Due to the frequency of system abends, we are notifying the importing community that, commencing August 13, 2012, occurrences of this specific type of bend that directly result in the inability to transmit confirming entries, will result in the issuance of AMPS penalty C070 for failing to account for good in the prescribed time and manner.

Furthermore, continued non-compliance with the  line-limit may be indicative of problems with a client’s system which may result in participants having to be returned to testing mode for an extended period for systems evaluation purposes.  This will result in temporary suspension of transmission via EDI.

Members will know that the CSCB has argued for a capacity increase beyond the 999 since the inception of ACROSS.  We will continue to do so as CBSA expands its CARM project work.

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