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Term Definition
National Customs Ruling (NCR)

A National Customs Ruling (NCR) is a written statement by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to an importer or its agent outlining how provisions of existing CBSA legislation will be applied to an importation of a specific commodity.

National Import Service Centre (NISC)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), in cooperation with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), operates the National Import Service Centre (NISC). For goods that require specific documentation, such as an import permit, a CFIA officer at the National Import Service Centre will review the documentation before advising CBSA if the goods may be released.

National Targeting Center (NTC)

The National Targeting Center (NTC) was established as a stand-alone entity in the Office of Field Operations with greater responsibility for U.S. Customs Border Patrol (CBP) passenger and cargo targeting operations at the port of entry. The NTC is a 24/7 operation that makes extensive use of intelligence materials and law enforcement data, allowing analysts and targeting officers to make tactical decisions at all points along the travel continuum.

National Treatment

National Treatment is the principle that addresses the issue of international discrimination between foreigners and domestic interests once the border has been crossed. It ensures that once goods have entered, they will be treated no less favourably than goods of domestic origin. It does not imply that one must treat incoming goods the same way they are treated in the exporting country.

Net Cost Method

Under the net cost method, one must begin with all the costs of producing the good, and then subtract any costs that are specifically excluded. Excluded costs are sales promotion and marketing, royalties, shipping and packing costs, after-sales service, and non-allowable interest costs.

Net Weight

Net weight is the weight of the goods excluding the packaging or the container.

New Zealand Trade Agreement (NZT)

Goods originate in New Zealand if not less than 50 per cent of the cost of production of the goods is incurred by the industry of New Zealand or Canada or both and the goods were finished in New Zealand in the form in which they are imported into Canada.

Goods are entitled to the New Zealand Tariff (NZ) only if the goods are shipped directly to Canada, with or without transhipment, from New Zealand.


NEXUS is a joint customs and immigration program for frequent travellers, implemented by both the Canadian and US governments. The NEXUS program is designed to simplify border crossings for pre-approved, low-risk travellers.

No Declaration Required Number

When exporters are not required to report their exports to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), they must provide the carrier with a No Declaration Required Number (NDR number). Appendix A of D20-1-1 contains the full listing of all 16 “No Declaration Required” numbers and scenarios. 

Non-Automated CBSA Office

A non-automated office is an office where electronic services and computer terminals are not available for the electronic transmission and exchange of cargo, release and accounting data.

Non-Exempt Break Bulk Cargo

Non-exempt break bulk cargo is break bulk cargo for which data must be transmitted at least 24 hours prior to the loading of the goods on board the vessel.

Non-Restricted Firearms

Non-restricted firearms are all controlled firearms that are not classified as either restricted or prohibited. Generally, this category includes most hunting rifles and shotguns that have not been modified to the extent that they fall under the restricted or prohibited category.

Normal Value

Normal value is the net price at which the goods in question are sold in the country of export to unrelated purchasers.

Notice of Penalty Assessment (NPA)

Once an officer has decided that a penalty is warranted, a Notice of Penalty Assessment (NPA) is issued. The NPA will include the penalty assessment date, the contravention and penalty details, correction and redress (appeal) information, and payment and interest information.

Nuclear-Related Dual-use

Goods found on the Nuclear-Related Dual-use List mean the goods may have both a nuclear and non-nuclear use.


An alert issued by the CBSA on the portal when there is an issue to be addressed in regards to the financial security status for the account.